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by DarOv
Thu 10/11/2022 5:08 pm
Forum: People & Equipment
Topic: First time solo swimmer looking for a coach
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Re: First time solo swimmer looking for a coach

Kareena wrote: Thu 03/11/2022 5:24 pm Hi there
Where are you located?
How far would you want to travel for coaching...?
I'm in Melbourne. How much will it cost?
by DarOv
Wed 09/11/2022 4:44 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: frequency of trainings
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Re: frequency of trainings

annajenner wrote: Sat 15/08/2020 2:17 am Hey! How do you think, is it enough to go to swimming pool once per week to stay fit or no? If no, which excercises should I do at home to be fit? Unfortunately, I have no time to visit gym :(
Once a week is not enough. Do your morning exercise every day, and you'll be fine :)