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Re: Training for 45km\s

PostPosted: Thu 03/01/2019 1:49 pm
by Harryleo
Rarely do the too-fast or too-slow runners realize that their training is off the mark. Both are running the way they feel, just the way they have always been told. Without some scientific guidelines, neither type of runner is likely to improve. Therefore, ask yourself the following question: At what pace or paces should I be training to maximize my fitness and my running performances? If you can answer this question, you have the key to a successful training program.

Re: Training for 45km\s

PostPosted: Wed 16/01/2019 1:53 pm
by Harryleo
On your midweek rides this week, push your pace a little bit for the middle 20 minutes. This doesn’t mean riding all-out, just lifting the intensity a little. You should still be able to talk but in shorter sentences. For the longer weekend ride, keep the pace constant and easy.

Are you confident fixing a flat and do you know what spares and kit you should carry when out riding?

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You need to start thinking about eating on the bike to fuel your longer rides. Little, often and early should be your motto. From the start of the ride, aim to eat something every 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a gel, breakfast bars, fig rolls, jam sandwiches or dried fruit are all good. Check out our recipes for snacks you could make to take on the bike. Experiment with what works for you and don’t leave eating until you feel hungry. When riding, you are not eating for that moment but 5-10 kilometres down the road.

Week 4
At the halfway point in the plan, you will be riding for up to 2-hours this weekend. Think about planning a café stop around the halfway point of your route but don’t neglect to eat and drink while on the bike also. Remember the advice from last week and the “little, often and early” motto.

How was your backside feeling on the bike? There is some great advice on reducing saddle soreness from Great Britain Cycling Team lead physiotherapist, Phil Burt.
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