Support Boat - Advice & Recommendations

Any general discussion related to the swim.Any general discussion related to the swim.

Support Boat - Advice & Recommendations

Postby SiandSoph » Fri 03/01/2014 7:11 pm

Hi All,

I was hoping for some advice in regards to our support boat.

Myself and my team mate have been lucky enough to have a friend offer to act as our support boat, however the boat is a Bavaria 44... so quite a sizeable yacht.

Due to the lack of steerage we will experience on a yacht of this size I was hoping for some advice from anyone that may have used a support boat such as this in the past.

Would it be beneficial for us to locate ourselves on the outside of the pack? If so, should be endeavour to be on the North or South side?

Are we we likely to be in such close proximity that a yacht of this size will cause any safety issues? As there is no maximum length stated in the regulations, I was assuming not, but again due to the lack of steerage I am on the hunt for some one with experience in this situation.

I would be grateful of any advice or suggestions.

Cheers all,

Sophie Bulgin
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Re: Support Boat - Advice & Recommendations

Postby Kbad » Mon 20/01/2014 2:44 pm

Sophie how it usually works is if you come from south of the swim course you stay on the southern side if you come from the Northern side you stay on the northern side of the course. For a yacht i would suggest a tender operating form your boat to the kayaker. Keep the yacht clear of the main pack up to you of course but it is a bit congested in close.
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Re: Support Boat - Advice & Recommendations

Postby EvChuk » Sun 01/02/2015 11:29 pm


Funnily enough we completed the swim last year on a Bavaria 44 and endeavour to do the same again this year (what a coincidence)! I was a little concerned about how manoeuvrable the yacht might be, but it actually worked really well. We found that the yacht drifted at roughly the same speed as the swimmer, so we hardly even used the motor and it was perfect. That being said, the weather last year was fantastic, and I'm sure it would be more difficult with some more wind/swell.

There is no upper limit on the size of the boat, but boats longer than 10m (us) have to stay south of the race course. We were in a team - we did not ferry swimmers out with a tender, they jumped in from the back of the boat and swam out just like how the other boats do it.

As tricky as having a yacht might be, it is so comfortable on board and you'll really appreciate being able to go downstairs to get away from the sun/wind.

Good luck - I suppose we'll see you out there!!
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