Sea-bands? Can swimmers use them?

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Sea-bands? Can swimmers use them?

Postby BeachedAs » Thu 11/02/2016 2:39 pm

Swimming in a team of 4 for first time and although not usually sea-sick on water at all, I would anticipate a little queasiness from boat bobbing about and boat fumes, fuel in water etc. Not keen to use medication and recently saw a person at the OWS swim wearing Sea-Bands. I've just bought some and not sure they will stay in place - ie. not be effective, when swimming. Instructions say work within 2-5mins of wearing them so perhaps people just put them on when they get out of the water? Instructions do saw best to use before motion occurs so ideally I'd like to keep it on all day instead of only on boat. Anyone with personal first-hand experience that can comment please? Thanks in advance.
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